The development of your project requires the appropriate guidance of experienced professionals.

Lizano Design and Construction offers the following services:


Land purchase Advisory

If you still haven’t purchased the land where you plan to build your project, our staff is willing to bring you to the building site and later submit a report with all possible pros and cons from a technical perspective.

Thanks to this service, owners or investors are able to make the best decision in terms of money investment with the aim of reducing total costs and thus ensure the feasibility of their project.

Some factors to consider:

  • Land use verification
  • Flood risk
  • Access (roads, bridges, etc.)
  • Availability of basic services (drinking water, electricity, fiber optic, etc.)
  • General land surveying
  • Drainage of rain and waste water
  • Running water
  • Other key aspects according to the economic activity and type of project
Servicio de estudios preliminares
Servicio de estudios preliminares

Preliminary studies

Every engineering and architecture project should include a preliminary study service. Firstly, existing resources and demands to meet must be identified. Secondly, baseline assessment studies must be defined and coordinated according to the type of project; for instance, soil bearing capacity studies, running water, slope stability analysis, soil infiltration testing, etc. Thirdly, relevant consultations to state institutions are made in order to comply with the existing rules and regulations of the country.

Some state institutions involved according to the type of project:

  • M.O.P.T.: Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • SETENA: The National Environmental Technical Secretariat
  • MINAE: Ministry of the Environment and Energy
  • ICE: Costa Rican Institute of Electricity
  • AyA: Costa Rican Aqueducts and Sewers
  • INVU: Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • MINSA: Health Department
  • Costa Rican Fire Department
  • Municipalities
  • Others


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