Lizano Design and construction can turn your business ideas into construction plans and technical specs based upon engineering and architecture criteria.

We are committed to the sustainability, functionality, innovation and profitability of all our projects in compliance with standards and technical regulations.

The design stage is done once the preliminary studies are completed.

Our highly experienced specialists in specific engineering and architecture areas guarantee the best cost-effective design you can get.

Preliminary Plan / Master Plan

The abstract concept of needs and ideas is turned into graphic language through an effective communication between owners/investors and our professional staff. As a result, the spatial, technical and functional proposal gives identity to the overall project.

Construction Plans and Technical Specs

This stage is carried out once the owner/investor approves the preliminary or master plan.

Lizano Design and Construction offers design services in the following areas:

Servicios de diseño arquitectónico

Architectural design:

It is based on an efficient layout of both indoor and outdoor space along with aesthetics. We are fully committed to sustainability, innovation, and functionality.

Servicio de Diseño estructural

Structure Design:

Costa Rica is an earthquake-prone country; therefore, it is essential for every project to have a suitable structural design in compliance with National Anti-seismic design standards.

Servicios de diseño eléctrico

Electrical Design:

It is focused on two main aspects:  energy saving and self-generation of clean energy. Depending on the type of work, the electrical design includes the following: power system, distribution system, ground fault protection, lightning protection system,  power factor correction system (capacitator bank) transient protection system (surge protector) emergency systems (electric generators) lighting system,  smart  lighting and outlet control system,  data bank system, electronic systems, solar panels, etc.

Servicios de diseño mecánico
Servicios de diseño mecánico

Mechanical design:

It covers all fluid system designs, weather liquid or gas. For example:

  • Drinking water systems
  • Rainwater systems
  • Wastewater systems
  • A/C systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Gas transmission/distribution
Servicios de diseño sanitario

Sanitary design:

As a world leader in environmental conservation, Costa Rica is dedicated to preserving water and making the best use of it. Hence, Lizano design and construction is committed to such an endeavor through the design of drinking water treatment systems and wastewater treatment systems.

Servicio de diseño de caminos
Servicio de diseño de caminos

Road and access designs:

This design is especially important if the backroad access to your project needs to be made into public or private roadways; as long as the traffic flow requires it and the local government or M.O.P.T. approves it. Do not waste your money on an informal vehicle pass, invest your money on a suitable road design.

The design includes:

  • Plotting
  • Pavement structure
  • Bearing Surface
  • Water management
  • Related works such as sidewalks, bus bays, acceleration lanes, among others.


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