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Our company is dedicated to supporting the development of important infrastructure, residential and business projects throughout the south of Costa Rica.

Whether it is a residential, hotel, commercial, industrial or agro industrial project, our priority is to develop plans for investors and turn people`s dreams into real high value added work with cost effective functionality. We make it all happen through the design, construction, management, and inspection of every stage.

Lizano Construction and Design was created under the initiative of Mr. Randall Fallas Lizano, who is a successful civil engineer graduated from the university of Costa Rica.  Mr. Fallas has worked in key positions for important national and transnational companies for which he has developed large projects in Guanacaste, the Central Valley and the south of Costa Rica.

Randall Fallas started his professional career as a civil engineer for one of the most renowned and prestigious construction companies in Costa Rica, Constructora Volio and Trejos. He has been involved in the construction of luxurious Condos on the coast of Guanacaste as well as in the construction of one of the largest shopping malls in Costa Rica, Multiplaza Escazú.

Mr. Fallas was able to make a significant leap forward in his career. He went from civil work engineer to director of a large scale agro industrial production and exportation project of hydroponic vegetables for the prestigious transnational company Del monte Fresh Produce Inc. in Buenos Aires, Puntarenas, Southern Costa Rica. Thanks to his success in the different stages of design, paper work, budget, bidding, awarding, management and supervision of jobs at Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc., Randall Fallas was made Operations manager of the Del Monte Vegetables project for a stint of 8 years. Such experience as operations manager allowed him to keep close contact with professionals in different areas of engineering; hence, he set out to fill in the existing gap in the Civil Engineering area in the south pacific of Costa Rica.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Fallas decided to start his own design-build company based upon the technical knowledge acquired in his alma mater (University of Costa Rica) and on his successful experience in management positions as well as on the development of large infrastructure. Thus, the creation of Lizano Design and construction, a company focused on the development of infrastructure in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Since its establishment in 2007, Lizano Design and Construction ´s main goal has been to provide sustainable, innovative, profitable and high value added solutions for people who wish to invest in productive or service-based projects.


Our ultimate goal is to turn our customer`s dreams into functional and profitable projects with an experience that allows them to generate wealth.


Our aim is to consolidate our leading position in the design-build of infrastructure in the south of Costa Rica.


  1. Discipline
  2. Commitment
  3. Responsibility
  4. Honesty
  5. Loyalty
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